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Pro Staff

Kurtis Bachman
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

My name is Kurtis Bachman and I live on an acreage outside the small town of Coalhurst, Alberta, Canada just an hour north of the Canada/USA border. From the first time I hit the fields with my Dad at a young age, the passion for waterfowl hunting was in my blood. There is nothing better than being in the field early in the morning watching the birds cup up and drop into the spread like pulling kites on strings.
From the first hunt over Big Al's silhouettes I knew that these decoys were it! They consistently put birds on the ground be it early season, mid season or late season. The detail on Al's decoys is second to none and they are in a class of their own. Easy carry, easy setup and the "H" wire staking system is effective in all ground conditions. They are my decoy of choice. The number of birds I put on the ground over them is a true testimony to how effective they really are.
For me...All Big Al's All The Time! 
Happy Hunting,
Kurtis Bachman 
East Coast Waterfowl Mafia
Matthew Wilson & Daughter Elliah
New Brunswick, Canada
These two can be found chasing waterfowl every season in New Brunswick, Canada! Matthew and crew are very accomplished Water Fowler's, which include incredible hunting video footage. Some with over 3,000,000 views! Daughter Elliah loves to join in on some hunts and really loves the ease of "silhouette" use as seen in the picture. This "Team" has used Big Al's Decoys now for several seasons. I don't see Elliah wanting to change anything at this time, since she is having so much fun! Happy Hunting from "The Canadian East Coast".
Brad Crisco
Elmwood, IL.
I started hunting when I was 13, primarily pheasant, deer and turkey. I got turned on to waterfowl just 3 years ago and now I'm obsessed. I received my BA in Physical Education from Monmouth College in 1993 and am married with three children. I'm a high school physical education teacher and a varsity assistant football (DCoord.) and track coach. In my spare time, I spend outdoors with my family whether its fishing or summer baseball/softball. What got me hooked on Big Al's decoys was the quality product and customer service. Short of getting a trailer, my Explorer is packed with decoys, blinds, etc., and I wanted to expand my spread with out taking up alot of room and at an affordable price. When Al sent me a sample, I was hooked...
Drew Wilson
Scottsbluff, NE.
My name is Drew Wilson and I am from southwest Nebraska. I am 26 years old and have a wife and three kids. I am a Civil Engineer with the Nebraska Department of Roads. I have been hunting since I could walk. I do a majority of my hunting and fishing here in Nebraska. I hunt almost every type of game this state offers, waterfowl, pheasants, turkey, quail, and deer. While I love to fish and hunt animals of all species, my true passion is waterfowling. I use the term waterfowling because it is more than just hunting. I love the hunting, but I also love to carve ducks, practice my calling and teach youth our way of life. God and my family will always come first, but other than them there is nothing that I love more than seeing someone experience cupped up Canada's at ten feet for the first time. I used to make and sell my own duck and goose call. I put that aside to spend more time with my family and am currently a staffer for GK Championship calls. When you see Big Al’s silhouettes it is easy to tell that he has a great product for the right price. Everyone loves a great product, but more important to me is a great company. A product will come and go because someone is always coming up with something new, but truly great companies will always be there when you need them. After a short talk with Al and seeing some of the best looking silhouettes on the market it was easy to see that Big Al’s is both. I want to thank Al for letting me be a part of this unbelievable company and getting to use these quality products.
God Bless
Justin Brown
Kewaunee, WI.
My name is Justin Brown and I live in Kewaunee Wisconsin. I enjoy the outdoors to the fullest extent. When I am not chasing big Canada geese or hunting ducks, I enjoy hunting whitetail deer, pheasants and turkeys. When the hunting season is complete, I spend the majority of my time fishing Lake Michigan for salmon and trout. Not to mention tending to any off season projects that need completed prior to the upcomming season.
I have dozens of different brands and types of decoys for goose hunting. Since I made the switch to Big Al's silhouettes, they are all collecting dust in storage. I spent my entire 2012 season putting Big Al's silhouettes to the test. I hunted with them in fields, rivers, lake banks and they always pull birds into the decoys. Big Al's silhouettes have fantastic color and feather detail which make them stand out from other silhouettes. The dual stake design is great for windy days. There are times when I have to double take my own decoys to make sure there isn't a goose in my spread! I hunt with Big Al's silhouettes with 100% confidence that I will put birds on the ground. I endorse Big Al's silhouettes because they flat out work! I have seen with my own eyes the effectiveness of his product! Looking forward to a great 2013 season and beyond!
Don Meehl
Erie, PA.
I am 39 years old and was born and raised in Erie, Pa. I started hunting when I was 10. Not really carrying a firearm, but I couldn't wait to get into the Pennsylvania woods or in a blind with my father and family and all my fathers good friends. I was the proverbial 'sponge' and I learned the foundation for proper sportsmanship, woods craft and my love for the outdoors during those first years hunting with all those fantastic people. I spent more time in the woods behind the house than I did inside whenever possible. It was my Uncle Ed that got me interested in waterfowl hunting. While not a true, blood relative, he was my mentor none the less for waterfowl hunting and I was always so eager to spend those 'horrible weather' days out chasing ducks and geese and watching his champion retrievers do their thing.
I joined the U.S. Air Force at the age of 20 and got a chance to 'see the world' as it were and got the opportunity to hunt all over the country. I am now a Licensed Practical Nurse at a mental health residential treatment facility for at risk boys, a very rewarding and fullfilling profession, but in truth, I work full time to fund my real passion...hunting, fishing and the outdoor sports. If I am not working, you can find me in a layout blind, a treestand, chasing big gobblers around the spring woods, on the streams chasing big lake run steelhead or simply preparing for another season.
What drew me to Big Al's decoys was his fast growing reputation for having a fantastic product at a great price and providing superior customer service. He not only makes the decoys and stands behind them too and it is his true, sincere passion for hunting that I think sets him apart from the masses. I hunt mainly big, wary resident honkers until the late season when we also get a large influx of migrators and we require a decoy that looks true to life and will finish birds in the 'hole' Big Al's 'Take-em' style silhouettes simply put, puts birds on the ground for me.
Gary Gatewood
Gillette, WY.
I am officially addicted to waterfowl hunting. I grew up in West TN where greenheads rule the sky. In 2006, I moved to Lexington KY and began managing at a large Sporting Goods store. It was there that I experienced my first goose hunt. It was early November. The fog was heavy that morning as we set our decoys in a freshly cut sod field. Just as the sun started to break through the fog, we could hear the faint clucks of our soon the be targets. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed with the whole experience, but since that day, I have been hooked.I now live in NE Wyoming. Every year I look forward to September. Laying in a cut wheat field with friends and family, staring at the horizon patiently waiting for the geese to show themselves, trying to calm down my excited Chessie as he watches the birds circle.....These are the moments I wait for, I strive for,.......I live for.As a member of Al's Team, I want to help promote this fine product! I believe he has created a superior product and he offers it at an affordable price. I only represent companies that I fully trust in, and I feel confident stating that Big Al's Silhouettes are the best silhouette style decoy on the market!
Justin Wray
North Huntington, PA.
My name is Justin Wray. I am 32 years old and live in North Huntingdon, Pa. I am also owner of Webfoot Lanyards. I started like most at a very young age, chasing deer with my dad in the hardwoods of Pa. I was introduced to waterfowl hunting a few years later and the obsession was born. I have given up big game hunting to focus on my true passion-waterfowl. I try to get every chance I can, between work and family obligations. I want to take advantage of every opportunity I can while in the field, this is why I choose Big Al's decoys. For durability, price and realism, you will not find a better silhouette decoy on the market. They are second to none. They give me an edge on pressured birds and also the competition day in and day out. I am excited to be part of the "Take-Em" team.
Joe Harris
Central Virginia
My name is Joe Harris.I live in Central Virginia which is in the heart of the Atlantic Flyway.I have a  wonderful wife of 40 years( Cari) with two grown daughters, Kathy & Kim. Like many,I grew up hunting rabbits and quail with my Dad and Uncles. It was not until my mid teens that I was introduced to "talkin to critters" when I took up the sport of spring turkey hunting. I fell in love with the calling side of the sport and never looked back. Now days, spring mornings' I can be found in the turkey woods "talking turkey for myself and friends" and every fall, you can find in in the goose fields talkin "goose". I love the stuff! As I grew into the sport of goose hunting,I slowly made the  transistion from truck load of decoys to an enclosed trailer full of full body decoys. Running anywhere fro 60 -100 full bodies for a mornings hunt was the norm but when I retired last year, I soon found it near impossible to transport "all the stuff" in and out of the field. I made the decision to go old school and try the Silo style of goose hunting again. I ordered a few of Al's decoys and decided to test them out. After a full season of hunting over the decoysI'm 100 % sold on the product! In addition to a great product line you will not find better customer service anywhere. I'm proud to be part of the "Take-Em Team"  I urge you to give them a try.I know you will like what you see... cause the geese sure do!   Good Luck & Happy Honkin
C. J. Sefcovic
Front Range, CO.
My name is C.J. Sefcovic. I grew up in Southeast Colorado and recently graduated from Colorado State University – Fort Collins with a degree in Wildlife Biology. Waterfowl hunting is a deep rooted tradition in my family, one that has lead me to pursue a career conserving waterfowl and exposing the next generation to the way of life. I was brought into waterfowl hunting at the age of four when my Dad, uncle and cousin started taking me duck and goose hunting on the Arkansas River in Southeastern Colorado. This is where the passion started. Growing up, every weekend was spent on the river bottom chasing ducks and geese. Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to pursue waterfowl across the state of Colorado. I currently reside in Northern Colorado, and area that winters one of the highest concentrations of Canadian geese in the central flyway. From October through February, you can find me chasing waterfowl across the front range of the Rockies.
I first used Big Al’s decoys on a late season Minnesota hunt. Their effectiveness was evident on these highly pressured birds. After filming over them in Colorado for an entire season, they once again proved to be a highly effective, durable and hassle free decoy. I firmly believe they add depth and realism to any decoy spread. Simply put, Big Al’s silhouette decoys are the next Big thing!
Ted Crumb
Southeast, VA.
My name is Ted Crumb and I live in Sout East Virginia.  I am 41 years old and have been hunting since I was around 9.  I have a very understanding wife along with 3 children.  Two boys and a sweet little girl.  Growing up in Northern Illinois I began hunting gray and fox squirrels in the wood lots as soon as I could talk my dad into letting me go out with my pellet gun.  I think from the day I could walk I was addicted to the outdoors.  I began bow hunting for whitetail deer and jump shooting ducks in the farm ponds as soon as I was old enough to pull a bow back and shoot my old single shot 20 gauge.  After graduation from High School I joined the Navy and was enlisted for 6 years.  That is what brought me to where I am now. 
Goose hunting has been a passion of mine since the first time I went. Watching a flock come in, wings cupped is about the best thing I can think of these days. Usually only hunting by myself or maybe with one other person, I was looking for an easy way to setup a large spread without having to carry dozens of full body decoys.  Big Al's decoys was the answer!!!! I'll admit I was a little skeptical, but after using them a couple of times I was sold!! The geese definately don't mind. The SILOS allow me to carry 6 dozen or more decoys very easily.  Easy setup, easy take down and easy storage, what more can you ask for.
I am honored to represent Big Al's Decoys and be part of the "Take-Em" team. Working shows and promoting products I believe in is also something I enjoy. I also hold staff positions with Parker Bows and Crossbows and Grim Reaper broadheads. So if you see me out at one of the outdoor shows please stop by and say hello!! 
Brandon Riffle
N.E., OH.
My name is Brandon Riffle. I'm from Suffield, Ohio and am 20 years old. I have been hunting since I could walk. I started out deer hunting and shot my first deer at 8 years old. Then I moved on to more challenging things and began to turkey hunt and enjoyed being able to "talk the talk". I'm also an avid bass fisherman and bow fisherman. I was introduced to waterfowl hunting by some family friends. Since my first goose shook the ground I have been hooked. I worked hard on my calling and have gotten to where I can hold my own in the field and on the stage.
I never understood how a flat decoy could ever be effective. I always used full body and shell decoys. After a couple years of carrying heavy, bulky decoys hundreds of yards, I needed a solution. I was invited to hunt with a friend and observed him making 1 trip into the field. We set out a total of 10 dozen silhouettes and within an hour of hunting we had our limits. From then on I was a believer. I've been using Big Al's decoys for a good time now. They have made a huge difference in set up speed and how birds work and commit to my spread. I'm a proud representative of this great company and always will be!
Kurt Hotchkiss
Erie County, PA.
I've been waterfowl hunting since I was old enough to go with my father. It has become a passion and love getting newcomers into a sport I enjoy so much.
I used to run Real Geese silo's, but after using Big Al's I love the realism they add to our spreads and really love the "H" wire design versus a wooden stake! Also when having to pack into a spot, using Big Al's instead of bulky full bodies makes it easy.
We can put geese up close and personal with these decoys!!! Love the product and the toughness as well!!!
Daniel Hopper
Shawnee, OK.
My name is Daniel Hopper and I grew up and live in central Oklahoma. I began hunting and fishing at a very young age, but it wasn't until right out of high school that I began waterfowl hunting. This quickly evolved into me becomming an avid waterfowler. If I wasn't duck hunting, I was looking in the local fields for geese. The first time I stepped foot on a field with decoys in tow, it was game on! It quickly turned into a passion that I now try to spread to all those who are willing to join.
For years I have been using full body and shell decoys. I began researching Big Al's decoys for their affordability and for their ability to be packed into a field easily. It wasn't until they were put to the test that I realized how vital these decoys are to my full spread. Fill a satchel with 4 dozen and throw it on your shoulder...It's that easy!
Matt Helgeson
Central MT.
My name is Matt Helgeson and I've been addicted to waterfowl since I was a kid and watched my first goose come into our spread than watched him fall from the sky after I pulled the trigger. Along with hunting waterfowl, I'm and avid big game hunter going after everything from elk, deer and antelope but my passon is for waterfowl, especially big ole honkers. When not hunting I'm either advancing my skills as a hunter or saving lives as an EMT.
My friend turned me onto Big Al's Decoys and I've loved them since day one! I've used them as fillers with full bodies and I've used them all alone and they pull the birds in like a magnet. The realism is amazing and so is the quality of the material there made from. I've hunted with them in 40 mph winds and never broke or lost a one. I've also hunted with them in blizzard conditions and loved them even more cause they allowed me to stay nice and warm in my layout as there was no need to go out and knock snow off the decoys.
I've has some of the best seasons due to having the Big Al's Take'em Silhouette Decoys!
John Blankenship
Central OH.
I was born and raised in central Ohio and consider myself a "Buckeye" through and through. I met and married my beloved wife Lisa 23 years ago. She has given me two wonderful kids that are grown and making their way in this world now. My daughter who recently married is now planning on starting her own family and my son who proudly serves as a United States Marine. I am blessed to work as a Fire Officer and Paramedic within the community I live for the past 12 years.
Like most Ohio boys, I was raised on chasing squirrels, rabbits and big deer in southern Ohio. About 9 years ago my uncle Jim introduced me to my first waterfowl hunt and I can say with all honesty I've never looked back. Like most adventures in my life I jumped in with both feet. In those early years, I purchased a used boat and mud motor to go where others couldn't. Soon after, I realized a covered trailer to haul all those full body duck and goose decoys around would make life much easier. But I noticed the amount of work and management it was taking to just put out a spread of decoys, that's when I made my decision to try "silhouettes". I made the first purchase of 2 dozen of Al's goose silhouettes and immediately fell in love with their ease of use, packability, and flat out performance in the field! It took less than a year and I sold that trailer and all my full body geese to put several more dozen of Al's silhouettes into play. Where we are located in the migration route our birds are as decoy and shy as they come. I will say that due to these decoys size, color and detail, there has been NO drop in our bird harvest numbers. Al has a quality product that any waterfowl hunter can and will appreciate!
Matthew Buhler
Boise ID.
Hello, my name is P. Matthew Buhler and I live in Boise, Idaho.  I am a single father of a great 13 yr old daughter who is my new hunting buddy since she is finally old enough to take into the field. I am also a taxidermist by trade now going on 14 yrs.
I grew up in Idaho hunting, fishing and trapping the famed Snake River and Deer Flat NWR which is one of the finest NWR's in our great country. I have been hunting elk, deer and bear in the rugged Idaho mountains since I was very small. And along with incredible fishing and awesome big game hunting, Idaho has a very healthy population of waterfowl along with amazing upland bird population of many different species of partridge, grouse and pheasants. I have been blessed to be able to hunt them all!
I own a huge amount of decoys and I have been collecting them from the very beginning. It's not just a passion with me it's an obsession! A couple of years back I discovered Big Al's silhouettes and now my hundreds of shells and full bodies just collect dust.
Occasionally I will mix a few in with my seven dozen Big Al's. But when it gets cold and the birds are pressured and 'wisened up good' Big Al's are all I will use especially if the farmers won't let you drive in their fields and you have to carry them a mile or so!
They are very light and with their H stakes they set up and take down very quickly! They can withstand any weather or wind you can throw at 'em. These decoys WORK!! Sometimes it's like the birds are on strings and commit without hesitation! These are truely amazing decoys, the very best on the market today hands down!
I highly recommend them and I guarantee they WILL put birds on the ground like they consistently do for me! Thanks...
Zane Tucker
Clymer NY.
My name is Zane Tucker and I am from Clymer, New York. It's a small farm town that revolves around family, hard work and hunting. There are just a few waterfowlers in the town. I started pursuing waterfowl when I was 12 with my father and then never got into it hard until I was 15 when I went out with a local guy who had a trailer full of full bodies and blinds. After that day, I was hooked! Now I hunt 4 to 6 days a week from the beginning of New Yorks early season till the end of New Yorks March season. I now own dozens of decoys, multiple layout blinds, calls and spend more money driving around chasing fowl which nearly leaves me broke at seasons end.
Hunting waterfowl is my way of life and come fall I'm no where to be found when I'm not working. Big Al's decoys have been proven performers in the field for me. The "H" wire stakes are the best out there when it comes to hunting on frozen ground. The decoys are extremely durable and I have a few that have been run over or shot and they still look good. You CAN NOT go wrong with these decoys!
John Cole
Richmond ON., Canada
Hello, my name is John Cole and I am the owner of Shaawinihan Outfitters located in Richmond, Ontario, Canada. I was raised on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario close to the New York state border. I currently live in Richmond Ontario just outside Ottawa, Ontario.
I have hunted for over 35 years, primarily deer, moose, bear and waterfowl. I used my hunting experiences to start Shaawinihan Outfitters, a goose outfitting company catering to the Cree Nations from Ontario and Quebec. As an outfitter, I use Big Al's Decoys on a regular basis. I always have good luck with them, and my customers love them. I would highly recommend them to any hunter or outfitter.
K.C. Miller
Central NM.
My name is K.C. Miller and I am located in Central New Mexico. I own and operate a waterfowl and upland guide service. When I am not busy guiding, I am working as a police officer.
I started hunting at 10 years old and became addicted to every type of hunting. Although I enjoy all types of hunting, waterfowl just tops it all. After hunting for years I realized, I loved the sport tremendously and decided to make a profession out of it. The next best thing to hunting waterfowl, is introducing newcomers to the sport. I get to see them go through the same experience I did, and it is really rewarding.
I often get friends, newcomers, and experienced hunters asking what products I use. I always tell them if you are hunting fields or water use Big Al's Silhouette Decoys. I tell them Big Al's Decoys solve the problem, and weight next to nothing. Everyone asks "How do they look", and I ask them how does a real Mallard, Canada, or Pintail look? They say "Like a real duck" and I say thats what Big Al's Decoys look like. Everyone asks "How can you implement silhouette decoys into water hunting"? I tell them just place them on sandbars or shorelines and you will get great results. Choose Big Al's and you won't be disappointed. They work from way up north and all the way down to my neck of the woods here in the desert.
Get out and enjoy some waterfowl hunting and good luck!  
Jeff Stevenson/Tanner Bennett
Wildside Outdoors
Millet AB., Canada 
I, (Jeff Stevenson), started hunting over 27 years ago when my father, uncle and brothers began letting me tag along on their yearly outings for Geese and Ducks throughout the South East areas of Alberta. From day one I was hooked, and every subsequent year after my passion for the lifestyle that is Waterfowling grows deeper. I've had the pleasure of sharing many days in the field with numerous close friends, family and colleagues, and often find myself crazy enough to be hunkered face down in knee deep mud or seven inches of good Alberta snow. As we all know, this is what draws us to the fields and sloughs year after year. Throughout the fall you can find me sharing the blind with the rest of the Wildside Outdoors Team, and my Cheasapeake Bay Retriever "Gunner". What drew me to Big Al's products first and formost was the quality, as well as the 'H' wire system. Al has welcomed us into the family and shown a great sense of customer service on all levels. We look forward to hunting over his products for years to come!
From the ripe age of 4, I (Tanner Bennett), have been chasing every sort of critter possible all over the beautiful province of Alberta. Although my first love is hunting Elk and Moose throughout the forest regions of Northern Alberta, I now have a full on addiction to the Waterfowl game. Right from the get go I realized the allure that is Goose and Duck hunting, and have lived and breathed it ever since that first day on the marsh. Al and his team have been absolutly amazing to deal with on all levels. From product knowledge to customer service. After receiving our order I was fully impressed with the quality of color and the ease at which the 'H' staking system is used. After hearing nothing other than positive reviews from fellow outdoorsman North of the Border, I couldn't be happier to be shooting over Al's product. Stay tuned!
Corey Locker
Canton OH.
My Name is Corey Locker and I am from Ohio. It is an honor to be on Big Al's Decoys ProStaff. I started hunting at the age of 8, and started waterfowl at the age of 14. My grandfather had taken me on a wood duck hunt and after watching the birds work like they did I was hooked. I am always outdoors. If it isn't hunting season, you can find me on my boat pre fishing for an upcomming bass tournament. I am currently serving in the Ohio Army National Guard and have 4 years in now.
When I first started waterfowl hunting, we would always use full bodies and the other guys would bring some random silo's but they always seemed to not be as effective. Then a friend had invited me to hunt with him and he had just Big Al's take-em style silhouettes and they spoke to themselves! They are realistic, not to mention easy to carry into the field for those long hauls. The "H" stake makes them an ease placing into fields. I was and am hooked and will continue to use these silhouettes! Truely "A Flat Out Advantage! 
Lynn Buswell
W. Amana IA.
Lynn, Buswell, owner and founder of Jagermister Outfitters and Blitzkrieg Game Calls & Lures. Lynn is a full time hunting guide and outdoor consultant. He is known as Iowa's Premier Waterfowl Outfitter. He has guided full time since 1996 and is one of the original spring snow geese outfitters in the midwest. Lynn is on numerous Pro Field Staffs and is heavily involved with many conservation groups. He also owns and produces Trappers TV and Beaver Club Video Productions. Waterfowl hunting is his passion and he hunts Canada and 5-7 States each year.
Lynn has worked with and used Big Al's Decoys on his guided hunts the past two seasons with great results! Lynn states "We finish birds for a living and Big Al's Decoys help us do just that." He goes on to say "Big Al's Decoys are easy to carry and deploy. Life like detail, these decoys are deadly!! Duck, Canada and Snow Geese can not help but commit to Big Al's Decoys."
Bryan "Petey" Pater
Waupun WI.
The Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the U.S. and growing up less than 2 miles from it made my childhood a little different than most city kids.  Mama and Dada are normal first words for a child, but much to my parent's surprise mine was  DUUCKK.  My parents had old duck decoys on a shelf in our entryway and  I would always point at them until they said duck.  When I was old enough to carry a few decoys my father took  my two older brothers and I out duck and goose hunting in cornfields that butted up to the Horicon Marsh.  That was where my addiction began, bringing geese back to the blind for him, but I had to drag them because I was too small to carry them.
In my early 20s I was a big game guide in Wyoming for antelope, mule deer and elk. I always had a lot of fun guiding for big game, but when I got back to Wisconsin after the season was over,  I didn't want to deer hunt.  I was still obsessed with waterfowl.  The whistling wings of golden eyes, the early season blue winged fighter jets of the marsh, the emerald green heads and true giant geese of the bitter cold late season are what fuel my passion.
The first time I hunted over Big Al’s silhouettes was with Travis Capelle, a great friend of mine.  It was the last 12 days of the season in Wyoming.  With spitting snow and high winds, hunting was a little rough, but flock after flock when coming off the roost, came right into our spread.  I thought Travis was onto something with these silhouettes.  We didn’t have to pull a trailer full of shells and full bodies out into a snow-covered field and we didn't have to worry about snow building up on the decoys.  We just grabbed 4-5 dozen of Big Al’s silhouettes and went. I was fortunate enough to hunt with Big Al and his son Albert in North Dakota in November and had a great time.
I have hunted over  Big Al’s duck and goose silhouettes in North Dakota, Wyoming and Wisconsin all with the same results - FEET DOWN
Rick Jirik
New Richmond, Wi.
I have been waterfowl hunding over 30 years in MN, WI and Canada. I am fortunate that I can hunt on average 50 plus days per season. We start in September targeting geese in the fields and than once the duck season starts we also hunt prarie potholes, fields and late season big water. We also run a couple of British Labs that make it even more fun!
The proudest part of my waterfowling career is watching my son Jake become a knowledgeable and passionate waterfowler. Passing on the tradition is the best thing I/we can do for our sport!
I am very happy to be a part of the Big Al's team with being able to hunt over, and represent such a quality product!
Jeff Miller
New Richmond, Wi.
My name is Jeff Miller and I am from New Richmond Wisconsin. Fishing was my primary outdoor activity until my buddy and fellow pro staffer Rick Jirik introduced me to waterfowl hunting. Needless to say, I was hooked. Every weekend from opener till close you will find our group (Webfoot Assassins) chasing birds all over western Wisconsin. I thoroughly enjoy the days when all our boys are with us so we can share in the experience together.
Big Al's Decoys are a proven performer in our spread, love the ease and the stakes work great late season unlike other decoys with thicker stakes. Al takes great pride in his products, the result is a decoy that looks great, is durable and priced right.
I'm excited to be part of Big Al's team!
Kirk Mihalak
North West, PA.
Ive been hunting for a long time but didn't get into waterfowl until my early twenties. My first goose hunt was absolutely life changing. Watching those birds work the decoy spread and the birds just kept coming. Needless to say it was a great experience; one that I will never forget. I've been addicted ever since.
I've used many varities of goose decoys. For years I ran full bodies and we did have some good hunts over them; however they just weren't getting the job done.
So two years ago I decided to make a change. Big Al's Decoys was the direction I went. Needless to say it was the best decision I have made for hunting honkers. The first year we ran them was like shooting fish in a barrel. It changed our hunting ten fold. The decoys match real birds in color and posture to a "T", and the wide variety of different decoy poses gives us flexability when we are setting our spread. Big Al's Decoys are cost effective as well. You can get three dozen silhouettes for the cost of one dozen full bodies. An additional bonus is that I can transport all three dozen in one trip. With the addition of the new Dead Heads I can only imagine how our hunting will be this season.
I'm very happy to be part of Big Al's team...
Brandon Rabeneck
Stuttgart, AR.
My name is Brandon Rabeneck, and I am from Stuttgart, Arkansas. I am 37 years old and happily married to my wife, Andrea. We have two boys, Haeden(6) and Eben(4). I work as an Auditor with a large publicly traded bank based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Growing up on the family farm outside of Stuttgart, I began hunting and fishing at a very young age. Although Arkansas offers a variety of game to hunt, my focus is on ducks and specklebelly geese. I have a true passion for all that is waterfowling. From the hunts, the calls, the gear, the friendships and the experiences, there is nothing like it. The love for the sport became so tremendous that my best friend and I started a waterfowl business, Cupped & Committed Guide Service. The decision to start the guide service is one I would never change. The ability to bring in hunters from all over the United States to experience the outdoors in Stuttgart is something to truely enjoy.
Throughout the years of hunting and guiding, I have seen and used many products.  When you come across a product that looks or sounds above all the rest, it makes the trials and tribulations of hunting few and far between. Big Al's duck and specklebelly silhouette decoys offer extreme realism. Not only are these decoys productive, they are very reasonably priced, which is a very hard combo to find these days. Another big part of using a company is the customer service provided. During my first conversation with Al, I knew instantly I could count on him to get me what I needed for the guide service. I want to thank Al for letting me be a part of this unbelievable company and getting to use these quality products.
Jeff DeVries
Fruitport, MI.
Growing up, I wasn't involved in hunting. It wasn't until after I got married that it all started. When my wife and I got our 1st German Shorthaired Pointer when I was almost 30 years old, we decided we needed to give it a try. Both my wife and I started with upland birds and it has evolved into almost anything that flies. She joins me on many hunts and not only enjoys shooting the gun, but also enjoys shooting the camera trying to get that perfect shot of the geese cupped up coming into the decoys or one of our Shorthairs holding a gorgeous point on a pheasant. Our son is also getting to the age where he is starting to come out and sit in the waterfowl blinds with us. We can only hope that our love of hunting will be passed on to him
Over the first 6-8 years of goose hunting, I had people telling me that if we want to have success, you need to have full body decoys. After hunting over a few different brands of full bodies, shells aqnd silhouettes, I have found that the silos can be just as effective as any other decoy. With Big Al's decoys, they are extremely lightweight and take up the least amount of space compared to anything else on the market yet are highly effective. If a decoy fails to deliver geese, I wouldn't be hunting over them. Everyone wants success when in the field and these decoys do not disappoint!
Quinn Nadu
East Central, Pa.
Quinn Nadu has been apart of the outdoor industry for over half a decade as a call maker and CNC manufacturer for many different outdoor companies. During this time he developed skills in photography and videography and this led to his addition to the World Waterfowl Calling Championships at Easton Maryland's board of members in 2015 as the head of media and marketing. He started hunting whitetail deer at an early age, and later developed a passion for waterfowl in high school. From September-April he spends his time all over the Atlantic Flyway hunting and filming, and this built his desire to have a mobile, affordable, and durable decoy spread. "When it comes to total realism, easy to set up spreads, and sheer numbers, Big Al's Decoys can't be beat. I am able to easily carry 10 dozen decoys in a single trip into the field and can set them up in less than 15 minutes. I choose Big Al's because he offers an elite, lightweight, super affordable product that I can count on all season long. No shine, no snow build-up. I am glad to be part of Big Al’s Team!
Tyler Maluchnik
Pittsburgh, Pa.
My name is Tyler Maluchnik, I'm 33 years old and live near Pittsburgh, PA. My extereme passion for the outdoors started very young, when my parents would tell me to get out of the house and not come home until dark. My passion for waterfowl hunting started in 1996 when a friends dad took us wood duck hunting on a small creek near my hometown of Johnstown, PA. The term "a box a bird" held true when it came to our early days, but after bagging my first duck and seeing how beautiful these birds are up close, I was instantly hooked. I now travel all over North America chasing these amazing birds. After bagging a 2 man limit over Big Al's Silhouettes, I was completely convinced that these were going to be the staple of my arsenal for field hunting. Make everyday count!
Ben Leger
ONT, Canada 
My name is Ben Leger, I am from Ontario, Canada. I was born and raised in a small French community in eastern Ontario. I was introduced to hunting at a very young age by my father and have since been hooked. My passion is waterfowl and you can catch me chasing Canada geese and ducks all over Ontario as well as snow geese in Quebec. When not hunting waterfowl you can find me in the turkey woods or in the deer stand. I am a true believer that we need to get more people involved in the sport of waterfowling. I have introduced and mentored new hunters to the sport and look forward to pursuing the tradition and bring my two sons out in the field.
In the past couple of years I have been experimenting with silhouette decoys. Since I discovered Big Al's products I run an almost exclusive silhouette spread. Big Al's are easy to store and are lightweight which makes them great to carry for walk in hunts without affecting the durability of the decoy. The matte schemes, details and contrast makes them realistic and stand out to birds. Whether I am after local birds in the early season with a small spread, hunting a loaf, or running traffic on migrators (with black and whites) you will surely find Big Al's decoys in my spread!
Craig Ochitwa
Saskatchewan, Canada
My name is Craig Ochitwa and I've been chasing webbed feet all over Saskatchewan since I was four. My father had me addicted the first time he took me out to lay on the edge of a summer-follow field while we hunted over two dozen shell decoys. Over the years, water fowling has become my true passion in life - if I had to chose only doing one thing for the rest of my life, it would be hunting waterfowl. I've become obsessed with patterning and learning the habits of the birds, as well as conservation and being involved with Delta Waterfowl. I use Big Al's silhouettes combined with full body decoys for most of our migratory hunts with great success!
I set a goal for myself a few years back, and that was to one day be hunting on TV. I got my start on Youtube creating the Fowl Outlaws with self made videos. Built up some partners in the industry and made some great connections. I finally got the chance to be filmed and aired on the Wild TV network last year. Be sure to check out our shows airing in 2017 called Canada Hunts East - The Wingman, and be sure to stay tuned for our new show airing in 2018 called Prairie Pursuit!
Sean Molloy
Back in 2012 I went on my very first goose hunt. All we had were just a couple goose shells, hiding under burlap in a potato field. We didn’t see a single goose that day, but we did jump-shoot some mallards and that was the beginning of a deep love for waterfowling for me. I hunted for 5 years in northern Maine, primarily after Canada geese and mallards, each year learning more and having greater success. I recently moved to Oregon and am excited to get back after the birds out here and start chasing a variety of ducks and geese. There’s nothing better to me than a big ol’ tornado of birds coming down in a field in the fall; I can’t find anything else as fun and exciting!I’ve tried all different sorts of decoys and brands, but I easily made the decision to move over to Big Al’s silos. I had been slow to transition from full bodies to silos, but when I finally put a silo-only spread to the test multiple times and had amazing success, I knew Big Al’s was the silo for me. They look amazing in a field and can fool the wariest of birds. Their made in the USA with top notch customer service. They’re easy to carry in and out on solo hunts and they stand up to the toughest conditions. Buying Big Al’s Silo’s is money well spent! 
Bob & Nick Welker
Central Illinois
We are a father and son team. Nick and I manage a club and hunt primarily in central Illinois where we mostly run traffic on geese, so big spreads are key. We have been outdoors together since Nick was just 2 years old and together we have made a lot of memories. Our favorite bird to hunt is the goose, a goose of any species.  We start hunting big local Canada geese in September, migrating lesser Canada geese and specks during our normal season and finish up our season in February/March with snow geese. You can say that we are always on a wild goose chase of some type. We decided to add a silhouette  to our arsenal of decoys. The silhouette we chose is the best decoy of this type on the market, Big Al’s Decoys! We were blown away by the quality and the durability of the Big Al’s Decoys. The  dark colors, life like poses and non glare finish that these decoys offer is second to none. These decoys are an incredible value and are so versatile.  We will never be without Big Al’s decoys in our trailers when we are hunting at our home club or on the road in North Dakota and Canada.

Colin Antonik
Cato, New York


My names Colin Antonik. Grew up in a real small town in central New York called Cato. We had farms fields woods and swamps. Very low populated and, everyone knew everyone. My dad and friends were always out chasing something. Was raised with 4 beagles so, rabbit hunting was always there, and my dad chased salmon, whitetails and pheasants. He used to tell me stories of duck hunting and how the state dropped the bag limits. But when i turned 12 it turned. I still remember the first duck i shot. A stud mallard drake and i get a reminder, everyday cause hes mounted on my wall. 5 curls and the size of a butterball turkey. That was the turning point and i became hooked. Staryed with ducks, then to geese, then to snows, divers and everything in between. We used to run 10 dozen flambeau shells. And it worked. Gradually birds got smarter so we improvised. Better shells..then full bodies. And it took a lot of years for me to gain confidence in full bodies. They shined. They were not my cup.of tea. A few years ago my buddy turned me onto Als. No shine, no sheen, durability and the poses! Now I have gradually eliminated my hundreds of full bodies and grown to my silos! Thanks Al for turning a lot of us into believers and keep up the great work!!

Patrick Cunningham
Keenesburg, Colorado


My name is Patrick Cunningham. I currently live in Keenesburg, Colorado with my young son and beautiful wife. Family is my everything, the reason I wake up and do everything I can to provide for them everyday. I began hunting at the age of 9. Years after being introduced to the sport following in my fathers footsteps. Waterfowl hunting has always been our passion collectively spending days after days in the field scouting and hunting. Hunting certainly has stages as you play this game long enough. From just wanting to see birds, to filling limits and on to introducing others to this sport. I have played through many of the stages in my young life.

Beyond passing down my excitement for hunting to my son, I believe the only way to preserve our heritage is through the youth and that is my new focus. Introducing young people to quality waterfowl hunts is my new passion. The financial requirement for decoys, trailers, leases and time away from home have only grown in the past several years. Seeing the reaction on their faces created by backpedaling birds only a few feet in front of them is priceless!

Hunting over full bodies is all I have had confidence in growing up, not until recently has that thought process changed. The illusion of movement created as the birds work to the ease of set-up and storage, has completely changed my mind. I choose to hunt with Big Al’s Decoys for the craftsmanship, quality and realism in each of his decoys. I must also mention they are made here in the U.S.A.! The customer service is exceptional combined with the personal approach you gain with Al, I will never consider another silhouette decoy product again.

Thank you Big Al’s Decoys! Keep up the good work.

William Hinds 
Northwest, OH


I started out like most around here chasing deer and small game. Primarily it was chasing Pheasants with my dad over his pointers. It wasn’t until after winning a Ducks Unlimited youth hunt with Fred Zink I became hooked on Waterfowl hunting at around the age of 14. From that point on I’ve devoted all my extra time to chasing birds from September-February. I’ve even trained a female black lab of my own named “Foxie” that goes with me everywhere. I still hunt everything from Turkey to Waterfowl, Pheasant to Deer, but by far upland game and Waterfowl beat the rest out. I’ve got a reputation of being extra rough on all my gear and Big Al’s always hold up, all season long. My favorite decoy is by far the Lesser Canada Silhouettes, I run them by themselves early in the year and they look killer late season mixed in with some greaters. A lot of people called me crazy for running all silhouettes the entire season but nobody can argue with the results. Whether it’s hunting in Ontario in late September or back here in Ohio chasing late season Honkers, the 2 things that never fail me are my dog and my Big Al’s Silhouettes! 

Jorde Sturgeon
Thief River Falls, MN


Born and raised hunting in Northern Minnesota in the small town of Thief River Falls. I love to chase waterfowl from early season up until the very last days. Nothing gets my gears turning more than big spreads of silos and birds eating it up! I have always been a full body guy up until I got into Big Als. I have been running them for two years now and they are the best and baddest silos on the market. Their size and durability in my experience exceeds the competition!


Nathan Williams
Lubbock, Texas
West Texas Safaris Guide Service

I have lived out here for 8 years now. I grew up in East Texas, where our waterfowl hunting consisted of puddle ducks and the occasional groups of geese that you would be lucky to get a shot at.  After coming out to West Texas I immediately shifted gears to big waterfowl, lessers, greaters, specks, and sandhill crane.  For the majority of my time out here we ran the silhouettes of a well-known, close competitor and after being introduced to the Big Al’s silhouettes it was a whole new ball game.  The color gradients and amazing durability were a big deal for me, aside from the fact that they are straight bird magnets! Big Als ARE my silhouette of choice. Made in USA makes that even better!


Jared Winand
Aspers, PA 17304

Avian Culture LLC 

At 27 years old I realized I need to channel my passion, which is not just waterfowl but teaching people about hunting in what I view as the right and ethical way. I have been hunting since I was 12. My dad made sure I was always in the deer stand and we had tons of fun! However, every tag I would fill I would think to myself well that is over now. During my late teens a friend of my dads took us out goose hunting; quickly I became obsessed with working the birds. When I found out I could do this every minute of free time I had during season, I was hooked. We hunted over stuffers and full bodies but never silhouettes in my earlier years. 

Fast forward a few years, now 30 years old. I have hunted from 5 silhouettes to 50 dozen. The simplicity of the decoys are unmatched to any other style. Big Als Decoys have no shine, are extremely durable and the size of the decoys make them the best in the industry. I dedicate many of my hunts to beginners and I am so happy that Big Als is part of our conversations!


Noah Novak
Grand Forks, ND

I have been hunting my whole life,I started out hunting deer. One day my dad and I went out decoying some geese and I had totally forgot about deer went all out for waterfowl. I had been using just fullbodies for years, then I had went into the silhouette world and it changed everything, I don’t even set out the fullbodies. I’ve used multiple other brands of silhouettes and there is no better than the Big Al’s. By far the best in the game and they’re made in the USA!

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